What To Expect

Woman with sore neckDr. Allison is extensively trained to identify the specific cause of your pain or disability. This includes the identification of significant joint and muscle dysfunction, faulty movement patterns, as well as the more uncommon but potentially serious disorders that can produce pain.

This is what to expect at your first appointment: the process starts with history taking, which can also be the most time consuming. By completing your patient intake forms prior to arrival for your first appointment, your first visit time may be reduced. Our patient intake forms can be downloaded here. By obtaining information pertinent to your condition, the doctor is able to rule out more serious problems and direct the examination to the areas or processes that are most likely causing the pain. This is followed by the physical examination, which involves a thorough evaluation of the affected region, muscle examination, the assessment of mobility and stability, as well as neurological examination and general physical tests. Occasionally, following the physical examination it may be necessary to obtain advanced testing such as x-ray, MRI, CT scan, or blood tests. Dr. Allison will ONLY request such tests if deemed medically necessary.

Once Dr. Allison reviews your health history and does the necessary examining of your complaints, he will discuss his findings with you. Dr. Allison’s treatment is individualized for every patient. There will never be any high pressured, expensive, multi-treatment plans offered in our office. Each patient is unique to Dr. Allison and their treatment will be specialized and best suited to fit their individual needs. Under most circumstances treatment will begin that day!